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Speed-Optic communication is a young, vibrant and dynamic, highly creative enterprises. She is full of young people on communications unlimited pursuit of the cause, dedicated to the people of the world to provide efficient and fast communications equipment and equipment.
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Speed-Optic of young people and young Speed-Optic young age-specific communication will be the passion and dream, to build a world of their own. Although our young, but we have years of rich experience, we understand the development of the entire communications industry and the way forward, we would like to use one of us leaves a boat flying in the world in the communications arena. We also warmly welcome you with the same dream, the same pursuit of the young people to join our communications. Young is the capital, we believe.

We can supply the products include: cable category (interior fiber optic cable, cable, jumpers, TV cable, etc.), the connector type (fiber activities connector, modules, patch panels, the panel, trunking, etc.), integrated Counters with wiring and cabling options, broadband network cabling products, all kinds of functional modules, home multimedia boxes, tools (construction tools, cleaning tools), instrumentation category (for fiber Weld, OTDR, light, light Power meter), HDPE silicon core pipe, wearing a tube, and other optical products and accessories.

Speed-Optic will run in the optical communications at the forefront of the world, always with the speed of light to provide you with good products, Speed-Optic is willing to use their wisdom and strength for the people of the world of communication and exchanges can never set up destroying the bridge.


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