Cable Vibration Damper Cable Vibration Damper

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  • Model: Cable Vibration Damper
  • Dowload: Cable Vibration Damper.pdf
  • Brand: speed optic
  • Application:Cable Performed Fittings
  • Fiber Optic Cable:Cable Vibration Damper
  • Product Description

More Specification please download: Cable Vibration Damper.pdf


When cable suffers from Aeolian vibration, the hammerhead of the vibration damper hanging on the cable may vibrate freely along with the movement of cable to make the steel stranded wires on anti-vibration damper rub each other, convert the vibration energy passed on to the anti-vibration damper to friction heat among steel stranded wires and consume such heat energy, thereby effectively suppressing the aeolian vibration of cable and prolonging the life of cable. The tuning fork type product has four natural frequencies that may ensure the safe operation of cable at different laminar wind velocities.
Product Design:


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