Floor Splitter Distribution Box Floor Splitter Distribution Box

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  • Model: Floor Splitter Distribution Box
  • Dowload: Floor Splitter Distribution Box.pdf
  • Brand: speed optic
  • Application:Floor Splitter Distribution Box
  • FTTH Box:Floor Splitter Distribution Box
  • Product Description

More Specification please download: Floor Splitter Distribution Box.pdf

It is mainly applied to the splitter points of corridor where the FTTH available are set up. It is suitable for the first-level or second-level splitter, especially with distinct advantage for the second-level splitter. The flexible configuration of optical splitter male-tab saves the initial investment maximally. The optical splitter male-tab integrate splitter and adaptor as one whole, this facilitates the construction, and reduce the damage or improper installation and storage.

W ith modular structure design of the floor splitter distribution box, of two to four expansion slots, it will be done by inserting the splitter male-tab.
T o make ports capacity expansion by increasing splitter insert flexibly. Optical splitter module of different capacity is provided with commonality and interchangeablity.
Additional splice tray is applying for continuing of main optical cable.
Storage of pigtail is settled by adaptors, this enabled connection without patch cord. 


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