Optical Light Source SO OLS002 Optical Light Source SO OLS002

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More Specification please download: Optical Light Source---SO-OLS002.pdf

Optical Light Source---SO-OLS002


SO-OLS002 is a simple and cost-effective fiber optic tester, it is usually used together with fiber optic power meter to measure the optical loss on fiber cables. SO-OLS002 series light source provide multiple wavelength output, the wavelengths can be required on customer specific requirements (the Max wavelength is 5, such as 850/1300/1310/1490/1550nm). 


l  Provides 2~5 output wavelengths;

l  CW, 2Hz modulation output at 650nm, and CW, 270Hz,1KHz,2KHz;

modulation output at other wavelengths;

l  High stability of the output power;

l  Stable output wavelength;

l  Backlight LCD display supports night operation;

l  Compact size and decent appearance;

l  Large LCD, easy operation;

l  Alternative 10 minutes Auto-off function conserving battery life.


Maintenance in Telecom

Maintenance CATV

Fiber Optic Lab Testing

Other Fiber Optic Measurement


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