Optical Light Source SO OLS002A Optical Light Source SO OLS002A

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More Specification please download: Optical Light Source---SO-OLS002A.pdf

Optical Light Source---SO-OLS002A


SO-OLS002A Optical Light Source is designed to match SO-OPM001A,it not only can provide stable out power, but also it combined usage with SO-OPM001A,they can realize automatic wavelength identification and automatic frequency identification .Also  the SO-OLS002A has features of good appearance, good touch feeling and considerate humanization design. 


l  Wave ID and frequency ID information can be transmitted when used with SO-OPM001A  Optical Power Meter;

l  Max 5 wavelength can built-in

l  Tone generation, 270HZ,330HZ,1KHZ,2KHZ;

l  AA alkaline and AC adapter for power supply;

l  Low battery indication.


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